Sunday, 26 March 2017

CD Sunday - 'Any Old Iron' - chosen by Jocelyn

Good Morning.  I hope you are all well and enjoying Mothering Sunday.

For Jocelyn's theme I decided to take the theme literally and chose a Trinitage from La Pashe showing a Rag and Bone man with his horse and cart to represent the 'Any Old Iron' song which I remember hearing when I was very very young.

I have added a die cut bicycle to go with his very crumpled one and a die cut Happy Birthday banner in blue. A very simple card but I think effective.  I particularly like the brick wall background.
I visited You tube and found this.
I had never heard of Harry Champion and it does sound a very old recording.

I hope you will visit and leave a word or two.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Happy Birthday to a special friend

Tis a special friends birthday today and this is the card I made for her using MCS - Elegant Ladies.

I am afraid that sadly this year the only little bit of decoupage is the bow.  I have been making  more 'graphic' cards recently than ever before whilst I have these trapped nerves.  It is good practice though and I am losing some of my prejudices.
Whilst I am not doing parchment crafting etc I am still doing jigsaws. The one I am doing at the moment is 'The Bizarre Bookshop  2 '  by Colin Thompson:

 I have discovered a Ravensburger Colin Thompson Colouring Book and I am having fun colouring the puzzle that I am actually doing:
I haven't made a very good job of the scanning but you get the idea.
An unexpected parcel from Amazon arrived this morning and on opening I found an early Mother's Day gift -  two more puzzles from my wish list.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

CD Sunday - "Enjoy" (tea/coffee) - chosen by Margaret

Hi everyone.  A slightly unusual theme for our new challenge chosen by Margaret.  Fascinated by a poster in a cafe that she and her husband visited whilst on holiday Margeret has chosen the tea and coffee depicted that we all enjoy -  hence the challenge.
Here is the poster
It is a clever image - even if she isn't the most beautiful of maidens.   Her wind blown hair to me means the wafting of coffee aromas and her attire means holidays.
Enough psychobabble - here is my card:

It had to be the 'Mad Hatter' for my tea or coffee.  Actually coffee for me.  I am a great coffee drinker and very rarely drink tea.   I don't need much pressure to use one of my favourite CD's -  A Very Important Date from MCS. I just love all the artwork on this CD and will use it at the drop of a hat.
The coffee cup and spoon have been decoupaged.  A card I thoroughly enjoyed making.

I hope you are going to enter Margaret's challenge.  I will look forward to seeing how you interpret her theme.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

CD Sunday - "Punch it out" - chosen by Wynn

Now Wynn has said that dies or punches or both may be used for this challenge- but please don't forget something from a CD.
I have used both dies and punches and added to my ATC stock at the same time. I am still limited in my crafting abilities by this trapped nerve? or whatever so I chose ATCs as being an easier option.
Here they are:
The letters are die cut and the flowers are punched.  The backgrounds of all the ATCs are from CD's. The middle two are from Funky Hands - 'Happy Birthday' and the other four are from Carol Ann's Studio CD's.  I put them all together in MCS using one of their backgrounds and then took it into my ACDSee Graphic programme and added the border and the writing. (Harrington font if you are interested). I added lots of gems and pearls all over the place.
Please leave a comment if you feel so inclined and I will see you on your Blogs.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

More Jigsaws - I'm afraid

Whilst I still have this trapped nerve thingie my actual card making etc is still sporadic. Trouble is that parchment work and stitching - my favourites  - need fine muscle control and that is lacking at the moment so.......... jigsaws to the rescue.

I finished this one quite quickly because as you can see the colour blocks are quite distinct.

It is another Colin Thompson one called 'Bizarre Babble'.

But the one I have started now is another story.  'The Artist's desk'.   I loved the image when I first saw it and I think the subject is very apt but Oh boy!  is this one a ....... or should I politely say - difficult.

I don't know what possessed me but I will finish it.  The artist - Aimee Stewart - is American.

See you later.

All finished.  Certainly not an easy one but enjoyable to do.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

CD Sunday - Friendship, Love and Romance - chosen by Meg

It's that time again so Meg has chosen an appropriate theme.  For me it's a bit like Halloween.  I don't do  either (except Halloween ATCs) but in true team spirit I have made a card and here it is:

The stitch pattern comes from here and the gingham background pattern come from Robert Addams - Printable Gingham etc CD.
 I loved the stitch pattern especially the bees that I think look very realistic. I used a holographic thread for the wings hoping to give them some shimmer.
Robert Addams Printable Gingham patterns are so useful.  Different sorts of ginghams and lots of great colours. I have been using this CD for quite a while and very often. It is one of my 'go to' CD's.

You will see on the CD Sunday Blog that we have a new teamie - Jane.  Jane has been a Guest Designer in the past and has been helping us out whilst Pamela and Jocelyn have been MIA.  We have decided that we want her to stay and join us and we are pleased that she has said yes to our invitation.  There are now 8 of us and there will be 8 posting as soon as Pamela has rejoined us.
I know Valentines' day is only a couple of days away but your card can be a friendship card, an Anniversary card or just an 'I love you' card.  You don't have to wait until the 14th to say that .....or you could have one ready for next year!!
Looking forward to visiting you.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Groovi plates and Woodware stamps

I love using Woodware stamps on parchment and I know I have said that before -  but I love the clean clear lines of the designs.
I am determined to start using my Groovi plates.  I have bought a fair few and it is time to stop just looking at them.  I have been copying and storing many example cards that I have seen for ideas but have started with one that is all my own idea (helped a little by fellow parchers at our Workshop).
The stamp has been stamped in white and then embossed.  The 'bubbles' are quite large and take quite a bit of slow careful embossing. The frame is from a Groovi plate and the curly stem and leaves are from another plate.
Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Unbelievable !!!

Another Jigsaw with a piece missing.  I don't know yet whose fault it is - but I will check the car even though it was missing before I went out anywhere.

This is the one I am doing now

Another of 'The Curious Cupboard' series - The Kitchen Cupboard.
I like this one much more than the last Christmas one and am speeding along.
All this jigsaw doing is because I can't do much crafting at the moment because I have trapped nerves in my neck (arthritis) and my right arm, hand and fingers are badly affected with pain and numbness.
I seem to be able to do the jigsaws as you don't need such fine control and it keeps me from going round the bend with boredom.
I have an appt for something called Nerve Conduction Studies.  It appears to involve needles a bit like acupuncture!!- Ouch.

I have Parchment Workshop this afternoon.  Not much will be done but at least I can chat to the girls and spend some money.

P.S.  I found the missing piece so no ones fault but mine own.  It was right down the side of my new electric armchair.  Lucky it didn't get mashed in the works.  Lesson learned - look harder next time.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

CD Sunday - 'Do what you love' - chosen by Pamela

Although teamie Pamela is still 'on leave' she has managed to choose a theme for our new challenge and a good one it is.  You can choose any subject and style to show off what you love most but do remember to use something from a CD in your creation.

Here is my own creation:

I particularly like combining my love of parchment with my love of making and swopping ATCs.
So here are four ATCs made using parchment butterflies  which have been made using a Pergamano grid and stitched to the background with beads.  I love beads as well.  I have hundreds possibly thousands if you count all the seed beads individually.  I must have been a Magpie in another life.
Today whilst I was preparing and thinking about doing this post and the CD Sunday one I also made a Banana loaf cake - another love of mine - the baking and the eating.
The backgrounds come from a CD -  Artylicious Butterfly Bliss by Glenda Waterworth.

I do hope you will enjoy Pamela's challenge and I look forward to visiting your Blogs - and perhaps you might be kind enough to leave me a comment or two.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Every Jigsaw lovers embarrassment

I am pink with embarrassment after I had contacted Amazon about the missing piece from my Jigsaw - because I have found it.
I said it wasn't anywhere in the house - it was in the car.    I had to go to a very early hospital appt this morning and as I got into the front passenger seat I saw the piece on the floor between the seat and the door.
We can only think that it must have caught unnoticed on my clothing and just dropped off as I sat in the car.
To make me feel worse a brand new replacement jigsaw arrived this morning from Amazon free of charge.  It is now relabelled and waiting go to the PO.

So I can't blame anyone but myself.

Here is a photo with the found piece.  Now I can put it all back in the box.
I have already sorted out the edge pieces for the next Cupboard jigsaw.  This time it is The Kitchen Cupboard.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Every Jigsaw lover's nightmare


I started a Jigsaw after Christmas and it took me until last evening to finish it.
This is the Jigsaw:

This is in a series called The Curious Cupboard by a wonderful artist Colin Thompson. I love all of his puzzles that I have done so far and this one is certainly the hardest I have done so imagine my distress when I found I was missing the last piece.  All those hours!!
I have searched the house and even emptied the cleaner bag - but no piece.  I have sent an email to Amazon and asked them to enquire with the manufacturer.

This is my finished effort (the lighting is a bit naff I am afraid).  Can you spot the missing piece?

p.s. When I told my son (who has watched my efforts closely as he has to pass the jigsaw on his way up to his bat cave) all I got was a sort of chuckle...............I wonder!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

CD Sunday -' Make it Male' chosen by moi

Good morning.  I hope all your snow has gone but if you still have some that there isn't too much of it and you don't have any storms.
The challenge for the next two weeks has been chosen by me.  The usual cry is that we don't make enough cards for the men in our lives so to readdress this a little I have chosen to do something for our Males.

My card comes from a CD that I have had for quite some time - 'For Men' by Diane Dorward.  I have met Diane a few times - a lovely lady - but not seen her for quite a while. I hope you are well Diane if by chance you should read this.  I loved this image when I first saw it and it made me smile - still does.  I have done a little decoupage.

It seemed appropriate as a 'Retirement' card so I added the sentiment using my graphics programme.
I look forward to some blog hopping and also to the speedy return of our missing teamies.
Take care.

p.s. I have found the site for Diane Dorward and it would appear that her CDs are still for sale and here is the link.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

CD Sunday - 'Something New' - chosen by Pauline

Happy New Year to one and all.  If you have attended celebrations I hope that no heads are banging.

'Something New' is a good choice for the first challenge of our new year. There can be many new somethings.

I have chosen a few with my team contribution:
The CD I have used is by Robert Addams - Nautica.  Not a new CD as such but the background is from the CD and is one I have not used before.  The stitch pattern - 'Tall Ships' - is a new one to me. In fact I bought it for this very card.  The sails are stitched with a particular thread that I have not used before and the die I used for the sentiment is not new but this is the first time I have used it.

Does everyone keep those New Year resolutions that we seem to make so easily.  I sometimes think that I should make some and then don't bother or can't be bothered.  But this year I really want to start making my Christmas cards earlier and use my ever growing pile of groovi plates so perhaps I can combine the two.  So here is hoping that I can manage to keep my resolutions and that you can keep yours.
I look forward to another happy year of crafting, receiving visits on here and making visits elsewhere.  What a wonderful thing the WWW is.

Saturday, 31 December 2016


Just thought I would show you these before my CD Sunday post tomorrow.
First though I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  I was away this year and had a great time with my sister.  Apart from eating well (she is a fab cook) and having a few glasses of something or other  we spent the time catching up, doing a very difficult jigsaw and playing scrabble.  I was hoping the jigsaw would take longer than it did so we didn't have time for Scrabble.  She is too good and I rarely win but no luck.  In one game she did two 7 letter words...........I wanted to come home.

Anyway enough chat.  Here are the 5 ATCs I have made for our Facebook ATC group.  This theme of Winter Wonderland  runs over two months - December and January.

I used the window/cats peel offs that I have had for quite some time.  I liked them when they first appeared so I bought quite a few sheets.  I found various scenes in various places.  They had to be scenes that the cats could see out of a window.   I then used some sheets of snow acetate that I had bought some time ago to add to the snowy scene.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Happy Christmas to all my followers and fellow teamies

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.
I am getting ready to visit my sister for the holiday and on the way to her visit my daughter and SIL who I don't see often enough.
Three great friends who come to me every month  for a day of crafting, eating, chatting and generally putting the world to rights were here yesterday.  We try a do a different craft each month and this time  we were making parchment inserts for coasters using Groovi plates as a source  for the images.  It was a mad idea I had had but  they loved it and they went home with some super coasters which they were going to give out as presents.
Because I was hostessing I had time for chatting and a glass or two but not much crafting time but I did make this one:
Not perfect as it was rather hurried but fun nevertheless.  We have fixed our date next month and more of the same has been requested.  With the great number of Groovi plates I seem to have aquired there will be lots of images from which to choose.
So have a good holiday and thank you for your support and kind comments over the year.
I will be back in time to post the next challenge by CD Sunday.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

CD Sunday - 'Twas the Night before Christmas - chosen by Jocelyn

This is our last challenge before Christmas and I think Jocelyn has chosen a very appropriate theme.
I am sure that everyone is frantically finishing off their cards eager to get them in the post but before you do please check them to see if any will qualify for our challenge - appropriate for the theme and a CD used somewhere.  We would love to see them.

My team contribution comes from La Pashe.  La Pashe have so many Christmas images that I was spoilt for choice but I think I chose the most appropriate:

The CD's I have used  by La Pashe are  - 'The Gift of Christmas' and 'The Christmas Box'.  Image is called -  'Waiting for Santa'.  I have added the die cut string of lights and used a couple of layers of decoupage.

I have finally finished all my cards - or rather I have decided that I have done enough.  They are all ready to address and get in the post.  I really must start earlier next year

Please join in with us at CD Sunday.


Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Wreath - Groovi Plate

To say I have a few Groovi plates is an understatement.  I have at last started to use them rather than just look at them.  I have been following their use by others at various places on the world wide web and taking note of those that I really like.  There are some plates designed by Linda Williams (parchment guru) and it is a couple of these that I have used for this card.

There are several cards out there that have been made using these particular plates and they are all of a similar style but I have done my own 'thing'.  The basic is the same - the inked wreath with a star tool used on the ends of the branches -  but  I have made my little white flowers slightly differently and I have used a different bow - which in fact is 3D as well as the flowers.
I really enjoyed making this card and should have bought the grid much earlier and done a few more of these but I haven't much  time now before my cards need to be in the post.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Some more Christmas cards

Despite my best efforts I am so behind this year with my Christmas card making. Probably because I was feeling so poorly in July, Aug and Sept when I usually crack on with them.
Here are 3 more to show you, 1 x diecut, 1 x stitching and 1 x parchment work.

Diecut - with lots of bling:
Stitched card with beads - but needs some tweaking and I don't know what at the moment.:
and a parchment card using image from a La Pashe Cd:
I am thinking I might have to make some very quick cards or perhaps buy some.  I don't believe I said that.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Card of the week - 149 - from 'The Art of Craft'

Each week The Art of Craft send me an email with their card of the week and this one came some time ago but I liked the dies they had used by Creative Expressions - so I purchased them.

I have copied the card that they made except for the centre sentiment square.  On their card it was a white circle and I have used a red square.  I also added yellow flower centres with red gems.  The sample had green centres. It was all done on a 7 x 7  white card.

Here is my version:

Scan now replaced with a photo as the scan always flattens anything 3D. 
 It does look so much better in real life as the white contrasts with the red and green and the gems sparkle.
Here is a link to their gallery so you can look for yourselves.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

More 'White Christmas'

I thought that the comments I received for my CD Sunday 'White Christmas' card were so nice that  I would make some more - but slightly different versions.  I have made another four but here are just two of them:


This time I used my graphics programme on the image to add the frames and sentiment.  Some of the trees have been cut from Centura Pearl to show the sparkly side.
Thanks for looking again.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

CD Sunday - White Christmas - chosen by Margaret

I know that secretly in our hearts we would all like a white Christmas but with our practical heads on hope that we don't have one -  so we get our 'White Christmas' fix from cards and decorations and songs.

So for CD Sunday's new challenge Margaret has chosen 'White Christmas'.  Our team have made some beautiful cards and I am sure they will be of inspiration to you so please have a look here.

In the meantime here is my contribution

I used two of Robert Addams CD's - 'White Christmas' for the image and 'Christmas Carols' for the background.  I use these Christmas CD's quite often and I love the images from the first one and the backgrounds from the second.  The bridge with the lanterns has always been one of my favourite CD images and I have used it quite often.
I have added the deer, tree and sentiment diecuts.  Black mirri card for the deer and white card for the trees. Just plain gold card for the sentiment.  I also used black mirri card behind the image to act as a frame.
This was a very simple card to make and hopefully you will try it.  I can recommend Roberts CD's.  I have long been a fan.
Please say hello as you are passing.  I always love to read any messages.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Last Workshop with Judith Maslen for 2016

On Saturday we had another great day down in Barton on Sea with Judith and all our fellow workshopees.  The weather was apalling but that's not new and our chauffeuse Charmaine successfully battled hard again aginst the wind, rain, dark and motorway drivers.
This time we made a quickish Christmas card in the morning using a star tool to emboss the Christmas Tree and added a few gems to represent the decorations. We used a semi square tool for the borders.  The inset surrounding the tree was coloured with pencil and spread with dorso oil.

I added some Wink of Stella to the tree and the star tool impressions in the border but it didn't photograph well. This pattern is called 'Snowy Tree' and will be Pattern No: jm 068-15

Our second card made in the afternoon was quite tough one.  A lot of work.  In fact I didn't finish it until this morning. It is called 'Shoe Heaven' and will be Pattern Sheet No: JM043-5 in the Boutique series.
Here it is:
To complete this pattern we did painting on the back with felt tips (or some of us did - I used pencils and dorso oil).  We did tracing with black ink. grid work, embossing and using the Almond tool.
I added some Wink of Stella to the embossed segment of the fans and glitter peel off to the diamond in the centre and a glitter scallop peel off to the edge of the pattern.

I already looking forward to starting again in March next year.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

CD Sunday - 'Sparkle and Shine' - chosen by Wynn

With Christmas looming so large we at CD Sunday are continuing with our Christmas themes and 'Sparkle and Shine' should be a good one for you all to enter.

I have done a stitched card for this theme and I bought the pattern on line from Cardmaking Online in Australia and the very talented designer is Emelie.

Here it is:

The CD content is the backing paper from La Pashe 'Big One Backing Papers'. The colours were perfect.  The stitch pattern is very very fine and took quite a while but I really like the finished effect.  I have added some red chalk to the bow to give it some depth and shading and sewed very tiny glittery seed beads inside the green stitching and on the little red stars.  The Merry Christmas is a glittered peel off.   I can't remember who made the die I used for the bows.

Please visit CD Sunday - not only to see the cards for this challenge but to see the winner and runner-up  of the Sharon Duncan Sponsored Challenge - 'Paws' .  Thank you again to all those who enter our challenges.

I look forward to seeing all the 'Sparkle and Shine'.  See you soon.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Parchment - Christmas and La Pashe

The image is from a La Pashe CD - 'The Christmas Box' - one of my favourites.  It is called The Gingerbread House (for obvious reasons) and makes a super card for a younger person.
I printed it onto 140gsm parchment paper using my Canon printer on Matte photo setting highest quality.  Just remember to let the ink dry before touching as of course parchment paper is non absorbent.
I added a border using one of Wendy Walters designs that you can adapt to any size.  Such a simple idea but I love the effect.

Here is the finished card
I embossed most of the image with emphasis on the white.  The image was then stitched to the red matt using red glass beads.  I also added 5 little black beads to the snowman.  The card is a white 7" x 7" 300gsm - also from La Pashe.
I can't make all my Christmas cards from parchment as they take so long but try to do as many as I can. I started this one in our Parchment Workshop at The Art of Craft on Wednesday and finally finished it last evening - of course I have done other things in between.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Stitched Birthday Card - plus another.

for a friend who is also a fellow CD Sunday teamie.

This year I decided to do a stitched card.  I thought an easel card would be different having not previously made a stitched easel.  I needed something to act as the 'stop' so I decided to stitch a nameplate using the stitching font (here) that I had purchased many moons go but not actually used.
Here is the card:
The pattern for the card came from here but the deco roses that I liked came with the Get Well Soon sentiment so I had to change that for the Happy Birthday.  I found a tag somewhere in matching pink and used Microsoft Word to add Pamela's name in the stitching font.  To this I then added the double rose spray by pricking them out from the main pattern.
As you can see a special birthday for Pamela so I added the very pretty transparent glitter peel off numbers.  I can't remember where I got that particular sheet and the numbers are running out - so when they are gone they are gone!
I loved making this and now I have braved stitched fonts I will try this again.

I said I would like to try this again and I have.  A friend saw Pamela's card and said how much they liked it so I here is one I have made for her.
Her birthday is at the end of the month so all done in plenty of time.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

CD Sunday - Father Christmas

The theme for our new challenge - starting today - has been chosen by Meg and it is 'Father Christmas'.  I am sure that by now you are all in the middle of a frantic Christmas card 'make' so this challenge will be right on the button - as it were. As long as a CD was used somewhere in the make and you tell us which one it was -  you will be in with a chance of the prize.
Now just to show off I used 3 CD's - all by Robert Addams - in the creation of my card:

I used 'Let it Snow' for the image, 'Christmas Trees' for the hessian background and 'Christmas Backing Papers' for the matt layer.
I added the red ribbon to the top corner just to give the idea of a hessian sack full of goodies being tied up. The hessian look backing paper looks great in real life - very realistic.
Please join in with us and also visit my fellow teamies. We look forward to some festive blog hopping when we come to visit you.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Christmas parchment

I recently purchased 3 x parchment grids from Tattered Lace.  I particularly like grid No: 014 although they are all beautiful.
Using this grid I made a parchment poinsettia using 4 of the 5 layers provided.  The pattern makes a slightly exaggerated style of flower but I love it and enjoyed making it although it was very time consuming.  Not one to be made quickly.  I added some glitter to all the edges to give it some Christmas sparkle.
I made the base of my topper by using an outside square 'groove' from one of my many Groovi Plates and then made a border with crosses and a sun tool and drew my own inside line to complete the border.  I wanted something simple that didn't take away from the poinsettia.
The sentiment is also from a Groovi Plate   I particularly like the lettering used on this plate.
Hope you like it.

Here is a close up of the poinsettia

I like this simple style of topper and could well make it again with something else instead of a poinsettia.  On one of the other grids is a beautiful Angel I am wanting to use.
Love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


is the theme for our current Facebook ATC swop group.  One of my favourite themes.  I don't know why as Halloween wasn't something that we took part in as children and my own children didn't either - but I love making Halloween ATCs.  At the last count I had 24 to choose from.  Yes I did say 24.
Here are the ones I sent off to the swop.  Beautifully displayed as always by group leader Sue:

I couldn't resist yet another Minion.  I had fun with the skeleton.  It was a freebie image which came in parts. Quite hard to cut out such small pieces and then arrange on a 2.5" x 3.5" card.
I loved the idea of the Pumpkin Maze and I hope the recipient tries to complete it.  The 'Boo' was another image from the net but the cats and the words are table confetti that I was kindly sent by a member of another ATC group to which I belong.
Here are just a couple more.  I will keep them perhaps for next year. There is bound to be another Halloween swop.

Minions - of course!
These are biscuits.
Happy Halloween when it comes and I hope not too many things go bump in the night!!


Sunday, 16 October 2016

CD Sunday - 'Paws' - a challenge sponsored by Sharon Duncan

Good Morning.  Not too chilly where you are  I hope. Autumn seems to have arrived all of a sudden down here. I have had the heating on already.
Sharon Duncan has very generously offered to sponsor a  CD Sunday Challenge and  today is the day (and for the next two weeks of course).  The prize - given by Sharon - will be a copy of her DVD called 'Playful Pups' and the design team have all made cards using folders from the DVD.
Here is mine:
I used one of the backing papers for my base card and changed the colour to tone with  my Labrador puppy (from Stitching Cards) and the paper ribbon and bow.  I took the opportunity to make this for a friends birthday as well as for the challenge.  The friend is a great dog lover and I knew she would like this image.
The team have shown how you can make such different things from one source and I think they are all great. Please visit their Blogs to see the work. I know they will appreciate it.  I am sure Sharon would love you to visit her site too so here is the link. There you will find a  video  to show you the contents of the DVD. Apart from the toppers etc there are some great backgrounds.  I love good backgrounds.
So please join in with us and  make something showing any kind of Paws - use  something from a CD of course - and tell us which CD you have used.
Have fun and I will see you on your Blogs.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

CD Sunday - 'Country Living' - chosen by Pamela

I used Joanna Sheen's 'Cottage Garden' CD for this card. I love the old fashioned image.  It was probably originally a Victorian card - it has that look.  I don't like all Victorian greeting cards as I find many of them a bit sweet and sickly but this one really suited Pamela's theme.
I have done a few mats and one layer of decoupage on the poppies.  The gems are some very tiny black faceted gems.  I die cut Happy Birthday twice - in red and black so that I could stagger them to give the illusion of shading. ( I copied this idea from someone else).  I used a white 8" x 6" landscape card as a portrait card (so the fold is at the top). That gave me the space I wanted for the sentiment.

I enjoyed making this Pamela for your first theme choice.  I hope you get lots of entries to choose from.
Have fun and I will see you on your Blogs.

Monday, 26 September 2016

'Back to School'

This is the theme for September's swop at ATC Swop Uk.

I found out that our Organisers husband aka 'The Slave' loves Minions.  I do to.  I decided that I was going to send him some of his own so I used  all Minions for my 5 for the swop as well.

Here they are. 
and here are the extras for 'The Slave': 

They are all decoupaged and have some glaze in their goggles to look like glass.
I have collected dozens of these little sayings now so I don't think I am going to run out.

I am looking forward to seeing what I get in return.  We have some awesome ATC makers in our group.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Russian Angel?

Whilst rooting through my box of Christmas card making goodies I came across some sheets of decoupage just waiting to be cut out.  They are of 'Angels' and they look in a Russian style to me.  I have had them so long that I cannot remember when I bought them or from where I bought them.
They are printed on beautiful paper and a real pleasure to cut out and are about 6/7 layers if you use them all.  I always use 1mm sticky pads so they are not too high.

I found a backing sheet from a Robert Addams CD that tones in with the background piece on the Angel so I have used that as the  card.

The green and gold coloured card used for the mats and the bows are from the new pad of adhesive papers ( Christmas and Winter) by DCWV that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I have added 3 gems to the bows.
I have two more of the Angels ready decoupaged but the hardest part is finding the right backing paper for them.  I may just put them on a white card - we'll see.
Thank you for looking.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

CD Sunday - 'Things with Wheels' - chosen by me

Well - 'I will go to the foot of our stairs' - an expression I think I have heard somewhere.  I looked back here on my Blog to see when it was my last challenge choice (June) and here are my opening words -
"I hope you haven't had the week we have had here in the South East.  Torrential rain, thunder and lightening."
So for my opening words for this new challenge - please read above.
I hope the weather is now better and here is my card for this challenge:

I am tempting fate - there is snow on this one!!

I have used the 'Behind Closed Doors' folder from The Best of La Pashe 2012.  I also had the ready cut and folded card from La Pashe.  I think essential for this particular card as the images print out to the exact size.  No trimming that can so easily go wrong.
I did add a touch of Wink of Stella to the snow etc but of course it never shows in the photos.
I have made a few others from this folder ready for Christmas and I have bought some more cardstock for plenty more. They are easy when you are busy and unusual to send and receive.
So - I hope to see lots of wheels please.  Please have fun finding them and making something with them.
p.s. Just as a matter of interest I looked up - 'I will go to the foot of our stairs' - and here is what I found.