Sunday, 4 December 2016

Some more Christmas cards

Despite my best efforts I am so behind this year with my Christmas card making. Probably because I was feeling so poorly in July, Aug and Sept when I usually crack on with them.
Here are 3 more to show you, 1 x diecut, 1 x stitching and 1 x parchment work.

Diecut - with lots of bling:
Stitched card with beads - but needs some tweaking and I don't know what at the moment.:
and a parchment card using image from a La Pashe Cd:
I am thinking I might have to make some very quick cards or perhaps buy some.  I don't believe I said that.


  1. Three beautiful cards, your stitched card is gorgeous. I am afraid to say I have had to buy some cards, I am also behind with making.

  2. Three beautiful cards Carol. I think that I have made enough card now and I'm going to write then very soon so if I have to make any more I'll have time.

    Sue xx