Saturday, 14 October 2017


Our October 2017 theme for this Facebook group is Trees/Weather. I have chosen to embrace Weather and here is a preview of what I am sending off to our fabulous organiser Sue.

Now some may think that this is a querky take on the theme but Snow is weather and you make Snowmen from snow.  Once I had found these little cartoons I couldn't think of anything else but these.  I kinda like the font I found.   It looks jolly cold to me.  It is called appropriately 'Chiller'.
I hope you like my little makes.   I enjoyed the making but then I always do.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

CD Sunday - 'For the love of Dogs' - chosen by Margaret

I think Margaret has chosen a great theme for her challenge as most of us love our dogs or dogs in general.
I don't have a dog now.  I am on my own and know that I am not physically up to 'walkies' so it would be unkind to the poor dog especially as I prefer the larger breeds and who would be taking who for a walk would be the question.
We always had dogs when I was living at home.  I was sad to leave the two we had when I left.

Enough  sentimentality.  My card today was made especially for a friend who is a mad dog lover and has 3.  Two Springers (my absolute favourites) and a Yorkie - who apparently is the pack leader!!

Here is my card.  It is in fact her birthday today (6th)  and she is away.  I sent it in time for her to take with her.

Isn't the dog just gorgeous?  Our Springers were black and white and beautiful enough  to adorn a chocolate box.  But this one is a beauty too.
The CD used was by La Pashe - The Pet Set CD
Everything came from the CD except for a couple of the mats.
We are looking forward to seeing your dogs - any shape size or colour.  They are all beautiful.

I will be away for part of this challenge so I will catch up with everything when I can.
Hugs and happy crafting
Woof! woof!.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

CD Sunday - Mellow Yellow - chosen by Wynn

Wynn has chosen a colour theme for us this time. Always one of my favourites. That and letter ones.  They both  give such a wide scope as you are not necessarily searching for a particular subject -  which can sometimes be quite obscure.
I chose a CD called 'A Walk in the Countryside' by Cupcake Crafting / Creative Crafting World.  It seems to have both names on the CD.

There are many little gentle  country scenes on the CD but I chose the Sunflower one of course.
Here it is:

Apart from the peel-off Happy Birthday sentiment (coloured with peel-off pen) it all came from the CD.  The ribbon and flowers are all paper. The image is a flat Pyramage.
Each  scene has several images and ways of presenting them together with a selection of backing papers and accessories. Even notelets.   All in all  a very useful CD.

I hope you like the ideas from the team.  I love all the different yellows that they have found.
Please come and join us.  Don't forget all those beautiful mellow yellow Autumn colours that are just beginning to appear around us.  Plenty of scope for a project or card.
I'll see you on your Blogs.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Jolly Christmas - pattern by Judith Maslen .....with a tweak or two

Yes I have been tweaking again.  I love Judith's patterns but if there is a design with a half square or a Moon tool used on the border you can be sure I will make a pig's ear of it and it happened again.
I had spent ages colouring and embossing Father Christmas and I didn't want to lose him so I did the same as I did with the Owl.....took him out. (Parchment expression) and then redid the background with a scallop tool and a Star tool.  I then glued Father Christmas back in place with Perga Glue.   The bow I decided I would like 3D so instead of tracing the one Judith had drawn I made one using a Groovi plate.
If anyone is interested the link to Judith's site is in my sidebar and the pattern number is jm068-3
Hope you like it.

Just finished another Judith pattern - 'Christmas Morning' - jm068-2  so I thought I would post it here.

Love them both.
So more hugs

Monday, 11 September 2017

'ATC Swop UK'

I am a couple of postings behind with our Facebook ATC swop group.
In August the theme was 'Pub Names' and here was my set of swops.  Beautifully arranged by the organisers - as always.

and our theme in September is 'Shades of Autumn'. I haven't sent them in yet (in the post) so I only have my arrangement for you - sorry. The background comes from MCS and the words from my ACDSee Graphics programme

Now some time ago I bought the bundle of Tonic ATC dies that was launched on Create and Craft. There were six sets in the bundle - all different of course .  This is the first one I have played with and  I had a lot of fun.  I will certainly start playing with the others as soon as I can - in between CD Sunday and Christmas cards.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

CD Sunday - 'CAS' - chosen by Meg

I haven't made very many CAS cards.  My artistic leanings are towards parchment, decoupage and stitching and CAS isn't really a concept that goes with those disciplines.  Despite that  I have really stretched myself and produced what I think is  CAS in every sense of the word.
Actually I tell a lie - once I saw the image it took me very little time and I couldn't honestly say I was stretched.
I found the image on the internet and all I could see in my mind was the sentiment that I have used. I played a bit with the image in my graphics programme and then found the blue matting layer on MCS  - Country Life CD. I then added a toning  green and a blue border to the edge of the topper -   then the sentiment and printed it out as a topper for a 7 x 7 card.

Here it is
Ideal to send to someone who is perhaps troubled, worried  or stressed. 

I'll catch up with you on your Blogs. Please join in with us at CD Sunday.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Yet another card for the Christmas box

This time I have been playing with dies.  I cannot remember where I bought this die.  It might have been from The Art of Craft but I am not sure.  I enjoyed playing about with it and deciding how to use it.  It couldn't be simpler and I like the look.

The black card is spotless but the little specks you can see are glitter. How ever hard I try I can't get rid of them
Hope you like it too.

Whilst having a coffee this morning I decided to go through my stash of die packaging  to fnd where the die comes from and I have found it.
It is a Nellie Snellen die -   in the series Shape dies - Christmas Window Scene -2 (SD131).  I think I did buy it at 'The Art of Craft' - my very favourite Aladdins cave. I have added the link.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

More for the Christmas card box

At our last Parchment lesson we were using a couple of Groovi plates. We were also given an unusual card shape to use with our finished work but I decided not to use that yet and I made an easel card for my image.

This is the Groovi plate we were using ........

.............but I didn't use the centre motif, I used the Merry Christmas wording from another plate.
We all did various interpretations and added our own bits and here is mine.
I made the large bow for the 'stopper' and that pattern came from the same plate as the small bow in the centre.
As you can see I used ooodles of gems. TG  I know where I can get replacements from Amazon at a very good price.  Ask and I might tell!

Just off to finish an ATC for a swop next month.
Love you to leave a comment if you can as you are passing by.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

CD Sunday - 'Let's hear it for the boys' - chosen by Pamela

Pamela has given us a good opportunity to make a card to pop in the box for perhaps a husband, son, grandson, nephew etc,. etc,. We never seem to have enough so now is a chance to make at least one.
I have chosen to make one for my Great Nephew Ellis.  Some how it seems very aging to have a Great Nephew.  It sounds like something from a novel .
As you will see from the card this Great Nephew isn't very old yet:

I asked his Grandmother what his special interests are and I was told 'Diggers' etc and suchlike. I had a set of appropriate stitch patterns already on my computer so I chose the one you see and decided to make it into an easel card - just to add a little more interest for him.
My 'CD' part is background card for the image and his nameplate/stopper and for the 'tyre tracks' at the side. It came from 'Big One Backgrounds CD' by La Pashe. For the actual card itself I have used my standby 'sand look alike'  card so that hopefully it adds to the scene.
'ELLIS' and Happy Birthday are die cut using red glitter card and the number 3's are transparent glittery peel off's stuck onto backing card and more glitter card.
It is a wee while until his birthday so it will truly be in my box waiting for his big day.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


The Facebook parchment group I belong to has a challenge every month. The subject is decided by the group founder  and the winner has her winning piece posted as the group banner heading for the following month and then goes on to choose the next winner and so on.
I was lucky enough to win last month. The subject was handbags and I posted one of the miniature ones I make from Amanda Yeh's patterns.   So I get to choose the winner for August and the subject chosen is a Fairy or Fairies.
Obviously I can't enter the challenge but I can post a a piece of work and here is my card:

It is from a lesson I had many moons ago but I hadn't actually stitched the border to the image and mounted on a background but I have now completed it.
I have added a little Wink of Stella to the wings but as always it is difficult to see in a photo.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

CD Sunday - 'Past Times' - chosen by Jane

Firstly I would like to thank all those who entered my 'Anything Goes' challenge.  I will be choosing my Top 3 during the next couple of weeks.

Secondly we have a new challenge starting today. Jane has chosen 'Past Times' which I think offers almost (but not quite) as much scope as 'Anything Goes'.  There are lots of eras and many representatives of those eras that can be chosen.
I chose a ladies wear shop.   I am not positive as to the era - possibly Edwardian.   I am not sure but here it is:

I have done decoupage.  I haven't done a lot of decoupage this year and I do like to do some when the opportunity arises.   Now the image is of course La Pashe.  It couldn't be anything else - could it.      From 'The Big One'  CD .  A sentiment die and a bow die were used.  It is just a simple decoupaged scene which I think is quite pretty and evocative of an era that I didn't know but doesn't seem that long in the past.
Please leave a comment when you visit. Tis always nice to know that somebody came visiting.
I will see you on your blogs.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Layering stamps by Nellie Snellen

I have fallen in love with a set of stamps.  Christmas layering stamps by Nellie Snellen. I have been using them with my Tim Holtz stamping platform and I did more stamping yesterday than I have done in a year or so.
Yesterday I made a dozen Christmas cards and here are some photos:

Here are  three individual ones as close-ups;

I think they make great cards. Hope you like them.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

CD Sunday - 'Anything goes' - chosen by Carol (me)

Good Morning
We run a strict challenge choosing rota system at CD Sunday and my turn to choose the challenge has come around again. It doesn't seem that long since my last choice back in April.
Anyway for this time I have chosen something that I think will appeal to all - 'Anything goes'. It couldn't be simpler AS LONG AS SOMETHING FROM A CD IS USED SOMEWHERE ON THE CREATION.  I have said it now and I won't keep on.

Hopefully we all like the work we produce - otherwise what is the point - but am I allowed to say that I love this card. It just seemed to go so well - be so simple but I hope appealing. I bought the panda die quite a while ago and as soon as it arrived  I made up two pandas. One I sent to a friend and the other was kept in my album of dies ready to use.  I also have one of those 'go to' CD's for oriental themes and I took it from there. The expression on the pandas face just says Oops Sorry!! doesn't it. So it had to be a belated wishes card.  I had the idea of having him peeking out from -  or rather hiding in -  the bamboo so I just needed the right background and found it on my CD.
Here is the card I have been waffling on about:
The CD used is my  'Japanese Papers' CD. The background is the green with the moon and some of the bamboo (the paler more silvery colour). The rest of the bamboo and of course the panda are die cuts. I used one of my graphic programmes to add the words and sentiment. Simples as they say.

I hope you enjoy my card and I haven't bored you.  Any comments you wish to leave are always appreciated and I look forward to visiting your blogs and leaving my comments. Please come and join us - with 'Anything goes' there is no excuse.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

'Buttercups and Daisies' - parchment pattern by Judith Maslen

Here is the second project completed at our last workshop - 'Buttercups and Daisies.'
The important point to this pattern was to emboss the buttercup petals from the front to give a curved and shaped look.  I think this works. My colouring was done with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils although Judith designed the pattern for the use of felt tip pens. As frequent visiors to my site will know - I hate felt tips and don't use them. Judith knows this only too well and there is a certain gleam in her eye when she hands me the pattern at the workshop.

Here is the finished work:

I love our trips down to Barton on Sea and I am looking forward to the next trip in September. Judith is such a fabulous designer and teaches us so well.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

'Sepia Owl' - A Judith Maslen Workshop

A week ago was our 3rd workshop of 2017 with Judith Maslen down  in the New Forest.
We had two new patterns (as always) and this is the first - 'Sepia Owl'.
A beautiful design - as are all Judith's designs.  I worked away quite steadily and was enjoying the work but there was a 'likkle' problem.  In the border design Judith had used a 'moon' tool. Stupidly I have a thing about moon tools - I don't like them if they are to be embossed.  But I thought that if  I concentrated and took my time I would  conquer this stupid dislike......but I still made a pigs ear of it.
I tried to sort it out when I got home but made it worse so in desperation I 'took out' the owl which was OK and had taken a great deal of time to complete -  and then set about remaking the card.
I traced and embossed the pattern as before except that instead of the 'moon' tool I used a semi circle with 'sun' tool additions.  I embossed the greeting instead of using the sepia pen and where the pattern called for the tracing and embossing of the owl I used the owl I had saved from the first card.  I very carefully used perga glue on the very edges of the owl and stuck it to the pattern where the drawn owl would be.  So now I have a card I like with an owl that looks very 3D.
Here is my version of Judith's pattern. I hope she doesn't mind.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

CD Sunday - 'Celebration' - chosen by Jocelyn

A broad field of choices for this challenge by Jocelyn  Could be - Wedding - Engagement -  Anniversary -  Birthday -  Special Birthday -  Graduation -  New baby- and I am sure many others.
I have chosen a Birthday celebration for my card. Not a special birthday but the birthday of a special friend.
Anne (the friend) and I are belong to a group of six who have been celebrating their respective birthdays together for more years than I care to remember. I first met Anne when we sold our house to her about 30 years ago. The birthday girl chooses where we go to Celebrate and we have an extra outing at Christmas.
I loved Anne from the first moment we met.  After they had looked round the house Anne said she loved it and wanted it. Her husband said very cautiously - we must be careful dear. You never know there could be an artesian well under the kitchen floor. I don't care says Anne.  I'll stick a pot of flowers on it and make it a feature. (you have to imagine the accents - they are both from Scotland) We have been friends ever since.
Here is the card I made for her. It was her birthday on 10th July.

I used MCS - 6th Anniversary Collection - Elegant Ladies - Design Set 4 for the beautiful background. It looks like velvet in reality. The stitch pattern came from I know not where. I would like to be able to attribute it but cannot - at the moment.. The little piece of lace and velvet ribbon I have had in my 'box' for sometime and it seemed perfect for this card. Gems and peel offs used for the finishing touches.

Anne opened the card early - at her birthday dinner - and loved it so I was pleased.
If any one would like the pattern just email me using the CD Sunday blog email address.

I will have been to another of our Judith Maslen workshops yesterday so hopefully will have some parchment work to show you fairly soon.
I'll catch up with you all on my visits.

Monday, 10 July 2017

More for the Christmas box

I found this image on the net. It was unamed and unclaimed so I do not know to whom to give credit. I printed it onto parchment, embossed it from the back and did one of my favourite borders which is very simple but I think effective.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Christmas Snowman from La Pashe

A simple parchment border.  The Snowman has been embossed from the back and he has been backed with a square of snowy background card from La Pashe. The lovely brads and  silver supports are from Nellie Snellen. I used a simple silver peel off greeting. There wasn't room to emboss one into the parchment.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Two very different cards

This first card is for this Christmas.  The image is printed straight from a La Pashe CD onto parchment and then embossed at the back. The border was found in an old Parchment Magazine (2009) and was designed by Gwen Paxton. It proved to be a tricky pattern and I accepted the help of a couple of fellow parchers at our last Wednesday workshop. I finished it this evening and here it is:
This second card is so so different,  I was playing about with  'A Very Important Date' folder on MCS. I had something in mind as a Birthday card  and this is how it finished. I have one layer of decoupage to add but it was too hot this afternoon and it was making me fractious. I will add it later.

So a couple of very different cards but additions to the box.
Hope all are well.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

CD Sunday -' Up the garden path' - chosen by Margaret

Well it certainly is a bit cooler whilst I am typing this and we have had some much needed rain - which seems appropriate for Margaret's challenge -' Up the garden path '.
I am off out to a Garden Party in a little while.  Our parchment tutor has a beatiful garden and every year about this time we 'parchers' gather in her garden and chat and put the world to rights.  We hardly ever chat about parchment.  Funny that!

Any way - my card for the challenge.  Much to our Wynn's amusement I have strayed from my 'square is a shape' philosophy and voila!

I used an image etc from the  Behind Closed Doors Pop Up Card CD  by La Pashe. To add drama I have made it as an easel card.
I had great fun making this but must confess there were a few mutterings - but what's crafting without them.  We do get more when doing parchment.  That's because you can't just print another piece and start again.
It really does look better in real life. I know we all say that - but it does. The lovely little sprigs of trailing flowers were from my embellishment pot. They are stitched and I bought them from a friend at a show many moons ago.
The stone paving effect backing card is brilliant.  It looks so realistic that when you touch it you expect bumps. It was a free download.
The folder on the CD is called ' Secret Garden' and HERE I found this beautiful music of the same name 

Our team have made some super cards to give you inspiration. I will be showing those when I do the blog. Please visit their own blogs and share their enthusiasm. They always seem to make the challenge come alive.
Bye for now - off for some eats and perhaps a glass or two.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Card for a Christening

Son No: 2 told me that he will be off to a Christening  tomorrow.  A baby boy born to a couple of his  closest friends. I had a look through my 'go to' box of cards but there was nothing suitable there so I showed him a few images and he chose one - and here is the card that followed:

The image and both matching backing papers come from a CD - Messy Rabbit by Joanna Sheen. The frame is a new die I bought from Hunkydory. The letters and numbers were diecut using a freegift - I think from one of my monthly magazines?  This little Alphabet die is becoming a favourite as I like the fonts and the letter size is perfect.  I decided not to do any decoupage.  I'll just put the other image into my box of bits to be used later!!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

'ATC Swop UK'

Here are the ATCs I made for the current swop - 'Nautical'.

They look so cool - I wish I could join them. The 'seaweed' and the fishes and the seahorse are all die cuts but the sealions are stamped from a new set of clear stamps by Marianne.  When I stamped them I used my new Tim Holtz stamp pad for the first time and I was very impressed.  It worked just like it did on his video demo. I stamped using Stazon on smooth watercolour paper and then painted them with my Lyra Aquacolors - also new.

On days like today I wished I lived by the sea.

Keep cool - if you can.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

CD Sunday -' Sun or Sand or Sea' - chosen by Wynn

The perfect weather is here for Wynn's challenge choice.  Now Wynn lives in Cyprus so I am assuming that  Wynn enjoys this sort of weather more often than we do here in the UK.
So if you need to make a card for someone with a Summer birthday this challenge is the one for you.
Two of my children and my Nephew are all Summer babies so my challenge card will do for one of them.
Here is my 'Sun and Sand and Sea' card for your delectation:

A couple of close ups.

 I used La Pashe - the Best of (2012) CD for the image and the sentiment stopper. For the easel I printed on both sides of the card.  The outside was blue sky and clouds and the inside was 'sand'.   I have 'go to' 'sand' backgrounds that I made by scanning pieces of gold glitter card and  sandpaper. They do really look like sand.

The gulls and crabs are die cut. The eyes of the crabs are minute blue/black pearls that I found and again look very realistic.
I look forward to visiting many sunny climes  so that if it rains at least we will have something sunny to look at..
I would love you to leave a comment when you visit. They are always much appreciated.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

A special Anniversary

Today is a special Anniversary for my dear friends up in Northumberland.  It is their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. I managed to grab a moment to telephone them this morning and wish them a lovely day and here is the card that I sent them:

This is made of parchment using various Groovi plates, some special brads and lots and lots of tiny crystals.
Joyce always make beautiful inserts for her cards.  I don't I am afraid.  Because I used to sell my cards I got into the habit of just inserting plain sheets so that the purchaser/sender could add what they wanted to say - not what I wanted them to say.  Anyway this time  I made a special effort and found somewhere where you can buy inserts already designed and printed with appropriate messages and verses. Joyce was very impressed but I had to fess up.

I loved making this and I am very happy for them both.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

CD Sunday - Shabby Chic - chosen by Meg

In the past I have always found the concept of 'Shabby Chic' cards difficult to grasp.  What is 'chic'?
One definition is - elegantly and stylishly fashionable. So how do you make it 'shabby' as well?
Difficult one but I have had a go.
I got carried away with the central image and some papers I found - some of which I tore to add the shabby bit.  Then I added a couple of manly looking die cuts to match the man on the bicycle. All was looking good until I realised that nothing had come from a CD.  Silly whatsit I thought . You are making this for CD Sunday. Then I remembered that Ooh La La have some great ribbons and bows on some of their CD's so that is where I went -  and found some on their Yesterday's Memories CD.
So I have proved that if I can then anyone can do Shabby Chic and that we mean it when we say that the smallest item from a CD counts. It doesn't all have to be from a CD.

Looking forward to seeing lots of Shabby Chic.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

CD Sunday - 'Say it with flowers' - chosen by Pamela

Teamie Pamela has chosen a challenge that has plenty of scope and I hope you will enjoy joining in with us.
I decided to combine stitching with die cutting:

I discovered that I had - at sometime - purchased a  batch of stitch patterns that included an old fashioned gramophone playing musical flowers and I also had a die of a similar gramophone so then I just needed something from a CD to put it all together. I found a suitable music backing paper on a
La Pashe CD - The Best Of 2012.
Thank you by the way to those who entered my 'Sketch' challenge.  I think I might like to design another sometime in the future.

(On a personal note I have had the steroid injection for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist and so far all seems well so I am hoping to be back to 'proper' crafting asap.  And for anyone who may have to have this 'jab' in the future it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined it might be. My GP did it.)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Jigsaw by a different artist just finished

I liked this one when I saw it online.
Called  'The Craft Shed'  and it is by Steve Read.  It looks idyllic and a bit too tidy but I enjoyed it as a change from the more challenging Colin Thompson.

Now tomorrow I am having my steroid jab into my wrist so I will not be crafting for a wee while. How long I don't know.  So I am organising a new puzzle to keep me occupied and this is a doozy by Colin Thompson:

It is called 'Flying Home' and lt looks a little difficult so it should keep me quiet.
I will see you when I come out the other side.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Whilst waiting for the 'Easter' swop ATC's to arrive I thought I would show the ones I have made for the May Swop - Book Titles.
I have chosen all James Bond books:
This is my own very plain presentation.  The ones the organisers do are so much better.
The book fronts do look a little dark.  They are all from the net and I think they are pictures of used books and in fact are a bit dog-eared in places. I am especially proud of the Golden Gun.  I found a silver one in my box of charms and used my gold pen on it and it seems to have been successful.

I wonder what the next theme will be.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

CD Sunday - 'Anything Asian' - chosen by Jane

I think Jane has been very generous with her challenge choice as when you look up Asia in Wikipedia here is what it says: 

Asia is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres and sharing the continental landmass of Eurasia with the continent of Europe and ......

So we have a vast geographical area to choose from and we can make anything with the theme..... but don't forget to use a CD.

I haven't been very adventurous though I am afraid and have stuck to making a card and here it is.

The background is from a CD of Japanese Papers given to me by my friend Debs a long time ago. Topper given by a friend which I scanned and took the whole lot into MCS.  The parchment butterflies look clearer and more obvious in real life.
I hope you enjoy Jane's challenge.
I will be choosing my Top 3 for my Sketch challenge to share with you in a couple of weeks and thank you to those that entered.

So I will see you somewhere in Asia.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Latest jigsaw by Colin Thompson

This one is called 'Fantastic Cityscape' and oh boy isn't it just.  I did enjoy doing this one. Bizzarely It wasn't as hard as it looks.

With the ones I have been given and the ones I have bought I have another 8 to do.  I can't start a new one yet as 'the girls' are coming on Saturday for our craft day and we will need the table.

Two of them are going to be studying Serif.  One learning , one teaching and the remaining two of us are just going to be messing about.  Some stamping I think.

I read today that Colin Thompson is colour blind.  Can you believe that? - I find it very difficult to believe it.  Wow - what an artist.

We have our Parchment Workshop tomorrow and I have a new toy to play with - my Cutterpillar Glow arrived .  Can't wait.
Have fun and hugs all round.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Two Parchment Owls

Although the pins and needles are still ever present I went to our Parchment Lesson last Wednesday.
I am glad I did because our tutor Marylin had chosen a Woodware stamp for us to work with. They are my favourite stamps to work with for parchment.  For her sample she had made an easel card which looked really good especially as the owls had been very gaily coloured and she had done a very delicate border around the image.  I started to trace the owls but didn't like what I was producing as the tingles were making it difficult.  So I decided to leave it and try again at home.

So over the last two days I have managed to produce a card in between tingles and here it is:

I stamped the image on to the parchment with white ink and then embossed all the lines from the back.  No other embossing or shading was needed.
I used a Siesta grid for the parchment circle.  It was easier than attempting a complicated border of my own.  I used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils for colouring on the back and used a spreading oil.  The wonderful striped background comes from CD14 - Carol Ann's Studio.  I never tire of using her CD's. I used some pink and pale purple for the two mats and the purple  for the frame and sentiment.
I bought a box of 'eyes' recently and have been dying to use these pink and blue ones so here they are and don't they look fab.
I really really enjoyed making this and finishing it.  I have the tingles now whilst typing so I think a rest and a coffee is called for.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

A parchment birthday card

sent recently to a friend.

This pattern is by parchment designer Linda Williams and is in the Pergamano book M88.  It is one of six very feminine patterns in the booklet and I loved making it.

Here it is:

When my pins and needles are over I intend to make it again perhaps with different flowers.

My pins and needles etc have now been diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists and trapped nerves in both elbow and neck.  Am having a steroid injection into my right wrist first so I had better get up to date before then so I can rest afterwards.  Not the thing a crafter needs.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

CD Sunday - 'Sketch' - chosen and designed by Moi

I decided to choose a Sketch for my challenge theme because the Blog hasn't had one for quite a while and I think I have only ever done one sketch challenge before and that was on CD Sunday.

So here is the Sketch:

and here is the card in parchment that I made for the challenge:

The Robin is my own watercolour painting executed some time ago now when I was attending Evening Classes.
I scanned the painting and then printed it on to parchment paper and then embossed in various places to give it life.  I then made a border around the image to make a smallish topper.
Then I used a Groovi plate to give me the larger square and I traced the Merry Christmas sentiment on all four sides rather than just the one and then gave it all the same border that I used on the topper.
The larger backing square comes from a  Robert Addams Cd - Let it Snow.  The two layers were then attached to the backing card with brads - the two groups of three to match the sketch.  Also to match the sketch are the two circles and these are my own parchment flowers with fancy brad centres.

I enjoyed making this card and I hope to see many different  interpretations of the Sketch design. Please though don't forget to use a CD somewhere in your design and let us know which one you have used. More things to read here.
Thank you for looking.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Queen and I are having a birthday today

and I thought I would show you just  three of the fabulous cards I received .  I love my parchment, stitching and decoupage but these first two cards are so different.

The 1st one from a forum friend:

The stitching is beautiful.  Not something I would attempt.  Thank you Yvonne.

The 2nd is from fellow CD Sunday DT member Margaret:

I was thrilled to receive this fabulous card as Margaret knows I love the Minions.  I have a talking Kevin  and Margaret sends me many Minion quotes when she can find them.  But this done in Tatting blew me away.  Thank you Margaret.

The third is a beautiful card from my great friend in Northumberland. Beautifully made and a lovely verse inside.  Thank you Joyce.

The reference to the Queen is because my Mother used to tell me that the guns firing a birthday salute on this day in Hyde Park were especially for me. I was only lickle and I believed her.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

More art from Colin Thompson

Yes - I have another finished Colin Thompson jigsaw to show off to you.  I just love his work.  He is a British Artist who now lives in Australia and he has the most incredible imagination.  I can't afford to buy his artwork  or even if I could I haven't the room to display it so I have resorted to buying his jigsaws.  I love doing jigsaws - always have - so this way I get the best of both worlds.

This one is called 'The Inventors Cupboard' and here is the picture from the box:

Now here is my finished one. This is the best picture I could get indoors.  Bit difficult to cart it outside without losing pieces.  There are a 1000 of them.
Whilst tracking down Colin's artwork looking for future jigsaw purchases I happened on a site in America that sells items made using his artwork.  Of course I was tempted and here is what I purchased:
A Mug - obviously
and this that arrived this morning:
A Tote Bag
Both these items depict "The Bizarre Bookshop 2" - my favourite (so far) of his designs.

So later today I will break up 'The Inventors Cupboard' and start on the next one.  I have four new ones at the moment.  They keep me occupied whilst I still have the trapped nerve.  Although a little better it hasn't untrapped itself yet.
Keep well.