Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Every Jigsaw lover's nightmare


I started a Jigsaw after Christmas and it took me until last evening to finish it.
This is the Jigsaw:

This is in a series called The Curious Cupboard by a wonderful artist Colin Thompson. I love all of his puzzles that I have done so far and this one is certainly the hardest I have done so imagine my distress when I found I was missing the last piece.  All those hours!!
I have searched the house and even emptied the cleaner bag - but no piece.  I have sent an email to Amazon and asked them to enquire with the manufacturer.

This is my finished effort (the lighting is a bit naff I am afraid).  Can you spot the missing piece?

p.s. When I told my son (who has watched my efforts closely as he has to pass the jigsaw on his way up to his bat cave) all I got was a sort of chuckle...............I wonder!


  1. OMG. What a fantastic jigsaw, that must have taken you hours and hours, I wonder if the piece found its way to the Bat Cave. It's a wonderful jigsaw and all those colours, and different elements,
    Sorry I did enlarge the picture but I don't think I could see where the missing piece belongs, I hope you find it or can get a replacement

  2. This is a fabulous puzzle Carol, what a shame about the missing piece. I hope the the missing piece turns up or that you get a piece to replace it.

    sue xx

  3. A wonderful jigsaw Carol but very frustrating that there's a piece missing. It's missing from the upper left of the puzzle just above the bright red ribbon tied into a bow. I finished a second puzzle on Tuesday.

    1. Hi Pamela. I am still waiting for Amazon to sort it out. Yes the missing piece is just below that enormous chocolate cake. Have fun with your new puzzle.
      I am going to sort the edge pieces of the next one whilst catching up on some TV.

  4. fantastic jigsaw Carol I usually have one on the go in the winter, but didn't have time this yrar. The last one I did had 2 pieces missing but there was a form from the manufacturer to retun in the event of this problem and the pieces were sent very promptly.