Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Happy Birthday to a special friend

Tis a special friends birthday today and this is the card I made for her using MCS - Elegant Ladies.

I am afraid that sadly this year the only little bit of decoupage is the bow.  I have been making  more 'graphic' cards recently than ever before whilst I have these trapped nerves.  It is good practice though and I am losing some of my prejudices.
Whilst I am not doing parchment crafting etc I am still doing jigsaws. The one I am doing at the moment is 'The Bizarre Bookshop  2 '  by Colin Thompson:

 I have discovered a Ravensburger Colin Thompson Colouring Book and I am having fun colouring the puzzle that I am actually doing:
I haven't made a very good job of the scanning but you get the idea.
An unexpected parcel from Amazon arrived this morning and on opening I found an early Mother's Day gift -  two more puzzles from my wish list.



  1. A beautiful card Carol and I can guess who it was for I think. It sounds a good idea to use the PC for card making while paper crafting isn't doable.

  2. A gorgeous card Carol, making them this way also helps keep the postage cost down too. I love the puzzles you're doing, have you go colouring pages to match the others too.

    Sue xx

    1. Hi Sue. Yes there are several that I have in the book - but also a few that I haven't got - yet!!

  3. Gorgeous card, love the image
    Lovely jigsaw, and colouring page,
    What a thoughtful family to buy you two more jigsaws for Mother's Day, Something to keep you going while the wet fish decides what to do