Saturday, 27 January 2018

Quick cards

I am almost finished with my marathon craft sort out.  I have found things that I had forgotten I had and some I have never used.  Why is it that we crafters do that?   The advertisers are doing a really good job - we can't resist stuff.   I am going to try and be good in future - watch this space.

Anyway putting that aside I felt the need to do some crafting of some kind but didn't want to get out 'more stuff' so I thought  I would do some digital crafting.

I have the Docraft Digital Designer Programme - which I love.  I particularly like Tulip and Friends.
This all came on CDs by the way so I can use it for cards for CD Sunday if I wish.

Here are two cards I made for a couple of birthdays coming up next month.

Apart from printing out and sticking to the blank card all I have done is find a couple of bows from my rediscovered stash.

I then went to another programme I have installed (again from CDs) -  Funkyhands.
I made another word card - this time a birthday one for a friend. (This friend doesn't have a computer so won't see this)
I plan to add some embellishments nearer the time.

I also made another using MCS but this is for CD Sunday and it turned out to be one of my favourites but I can't show it yet.  Dying to but can't or rather daren't.
Have fun.


  1. Great cards Carol - love all of them. I'm having problems getting DoCrafts Digital Designer and Funkyhands to install on my new PC with Windows 10. :(

  2. Three great cards, They were all really useful CDs, I had trouble with a CD from my craft studio on Windows 10, a very nice man has sorted it and a new copy did not realise how old my CD was.
    Amazing what you find when you have a sort out.